Peace Coaching & Consulting – my path

In the late summer of 2004, on a smoking-hot day in Las Vegas, I was sitting in an ice-cold ballroom amidst a crowd of people with their eyes closed, all allowing Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for Soul Series, to guide us through a visualization to reveal our life purpose.  As I was guided in my imagination to open a box containing a symbol of my life purpose, I saw a mirror inside and a heart with a lock and key.  I heard the words, “To open my heart, see my true self, and help others do the same.”  That phrase eluded me at first, yet it has guided me further and further down my path since the day I unveiled it.  Three years later I began my training as a Life Coach.  Since that time I’ve entertained my voracious appetite for self-development through books, conscious movies, trainings, practices and more.  I began developing a focus around Compassionate Communication as it is taught by Marshall Rosenberg and working with parents of young children and teenagers.  This focus frightened me for a long time, even though it calls deeply to my heart.  I heard the judgment… “who am I to serve this population when I have no children of my own?”  Yet, again and again, this calls me… I am not a parent, and yet, I am a daughter with many parents.  I am skilled at connecting to the needs within each person, reflecting back to them their own words, so they can feel heard and awaken to their own magnificence and brilliance.  I don’t have to know what it’s like to be a parent in order to hold a loving space for people… in fact it may be in everyone’s best interest that I don’t see myself as an expert… I am simply holding the space for each client to receive what they most need and become their own personal expert in their lives… to open their hearts, see their true selves, and possibly help others do the same. As often once finding something that truly helps improve our quality of life, we want to share it.

Mother Teresa often spoke about the hunger for love and appreciation in this world far outweighing the hunger for food.  Let us come together to heal that need in ourselves first and from that full place, spill over into our families and loved ones to meet their needs, as well.

Through this work, I hope to satiate a deep hunger in my clients and empower them to ease the hunger of the people around them. Together we can heal ourselves and the world, one open heart at a time.