hmmmm…. about me?  what do you want to know?

Facebook would tell you I’m from Winston-Salem, and now live in Charlotte, NC,  I have exactly 540 friends, my birthday is March 13th, making me a Pisces, and I’m married to the uber-talented Sean Busher.

To take it a bit deeper, I can share that I’m the product of a large and loving, female-dominant family.  My parents split right before I was born, and therefor I spent a lot of time at my Grandmother and Aunt JoAnne’s house for the first 5 years of my life before I started school and while my mom worked and dated my “future” dad, Dennis, on the weekends.  Mom and her two sisters, JoAnne and Peggy, were all school teachers (and champion bowlers on the Teachers League), so conversation at every family gathering centered around what was wrong with the school system and what needed to be done to fix it… promptly followed by a finger pointed in my direction and an order, “Heather, never become a school teacher!”

The reason I start my story with these four women, Mom, Mawmaw, Aunt Jo, and Aunt Peggy, is because I am who I am because of them and the loving men brought into the fold.  Of course, Uncle Paul, Peggy’s husband was there all along… in fact his name was my first word… Paul… Perhaps it was shorthand, for “Paul… where are the other dudes?  what’s with this hen house?”  Or maybe I was simply mimmicking what all the women in the room were saying, “Paul, can you help me with this? Paul, can you help me with that?”  Either way, Paul, Dennis and these four women were the leading cast of characters in the formative years of my life… and their influence on me is apparent.

I did try to obey their orders to stay away from education by majoring in Graphic Design at UNC-Chapel Hill and minoring in Psychology.  I wanted to major in psychology, however I knew by my empathic nature if I worked with depressed people all day, I’d be right there with them… and I wasn’t willing to desensitize myself… I loved connecting with people too much.

Fast forward a decade, after designing wedding invitations for a stationery store, and then designing for my husband’s photography business and helping build his company, I was ready to get back to what makes my heart sing.  I’d begun hearing about Life Coaching and Positive Psychology and the idea excited me.  I studied Life Coaching for 9 months and began giving workshops, talks, interviews and coaching friends and family for experience.  Then the stock market crashed in 2008 and it was time to support the photography business full time.  During this period I learned a lot about faith, perseverance, trust, forgiveness and sustainability.  On the other side, I was surprised by a burgeoning passion for using empathy and forgiveness to help families and schools heal conflict and raise children in a peaceful world.   Something from those conversations over my head in early childhood must have stuck, because as Sean and I planned to create our own family, all I could think about was the state of the world we would be bringing a child into… and all I wanted to do was to help schools and other young families discover another way.

I have such a deep respect for parents and teachers and love supporting them, providing an open, loving and accepting ear to listen and allow them to feel heard.  And it brings me great joy to then help them take the awareness and clarity they have discovered and transform it into a plan for improvement.  This is my favorite way to give back to the world… supporting those that are caring for our next generation.

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