Have you ever asked *God to be your alarm clock?

IMG_3326*When I use the word God, I mean “That from which you came… your Source with a capital S”… so if you aren’t the religious type, perhaps it will help to think about it like that.

So, have you?  Have you ever said, “Hey, God… (Source from which I came)… I want to meditate for 10 minutes in the morning, could you wake me up in time for that?”

Would you consider giving it a whirl?  Certainly set your alarm… but imagine your surprise when you wake up feeling good before it goes off!

I’m sure this isn’t an original thought, but I don’t remember where I read it/heard about it… all I know is that my regular alarm clock is in the shape of a toddler, and about a year ago it was in the shape of a baby… and that baby felt unpredictable and I felt out of control.  I was so flipping tired from midnight feedings and lots of effort soothing her back to sleep, that the thought of waking up early seemed impossible.  And then somewhere along the way, I felt myself wanting just the tiniest bit of time to myself in the morning.  And from that place of yearning I made a simple request… “God, can you make this possible?  I’d like to listen to this 15 min meditation recording in the morning before M wakes up.”  Then I let it go… figuring, this will be great if it works, and no different if it doesnt.

The next morning I woke feeling energized and alive despite another night of what would normally be considered poor sleep.  Surprised and excited I quietly got up, pulled out my yoga mat and pressed play on my recording and if I remember correctly, it was creepy how perfectly timed it was… my daughter cried her first cry at the very end of the track.  Since then, it has continued to happen, and some mornings I have ‘pressed snooze’ and been disappointed when, ‘like clockwork’ she woke 10 min later and I had missed my chance.  I haven’t done this religiously, I’ve just done it when I needed it or when I noticed that I was awake and feeling good and it was beyond reason… I’ve tried to discipline myself to realize that there is a reason.

Through this practice, I’ve also learned to ask for other things, and receive them.  One is that when I’m heading to bed and I know I’ve pushed myself to stay up late, I simply request, “God, please make this rest enough.”  And the results have been amazing.  I always feel good in the morning since asking for this… I’m always able to greet my child with energy and love.  This would only be astounding to those who knew me before as the terrible grouch any time before noon that I have been my entire life.  But trust me… this is BIG!

This morning I woke 1.5 hrs before she was ready to get up, only 5 hours since I ‘d gone to bed.  I felt good, and the temptation was there to snuggle back in for a little more time in bed.  But the thought was there… “what if I went for a jog?… had that morning jogging meditation my girlfriends and I spoke about at dinner last night?  what if?… I also want a shower… these things take time.  God always wakes me with exactly the right amount of time, so if I’m slow about this… I’m likely to miss something.”  So after about 10 minutes of internal pep talk, I got up, jogged my jog, and felt inspired to write this.  I haven’t written in ages, and writing lights me up, so this is a gift to myself.  Thank you, Self!

So again… here’s the question to you… Have you ever asked God/your Higher Self/That from which you came to help you do anything?  wake up early? make a tiny amount of sleep feel like a solid night of sleep?  help on a test?  to get a parking spot? whatever?

Would you consider giving it a try?

Please do, because it is the greatest fun to feel in co-hoots with the “Almighty” for a better feeling life for yourself and everyone you affect.  And I promise you, it matters not how you phrase your words… it only matters that you’re feeling a desire in your heart… a true tug for something more, something better… and a little, playful willingness to be surprised.

Feel free to share your experience with this below… would love to hear your stories.

Now I’m off to shower!  M should be up in 15! 😉

*please excuse all typos, I haven’t yet asked God to correct my grammar.


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